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5 Way to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

Cozy Updates for Homeowners - DeHOFF REALTORS

The winter season brings shorter days, longer nights, and chilly temperatures that require extra effort to stay warm indoors and save on energy bills. With cold weather just around the corner, our real estate agents have five great tips that will make it easier for you to stay warm and cozy at home this winter.

  1. Light Up the Fireplace
    Ohio winters can be harsh, with temperatures that drop well below freezing. If your home has a fireplace, take advantage of the extra warmth and cozy atmosphere you get by building a fire. While most newer homes have built-in fireplaces, some older Akron homes for sale have wood stoves that still put out a lot of heat. Either way, throwing on some logs and starting a fire is a great way to get rid of that winter chill. If you have an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, you can even enjoy roasting marshmallows on a cold night.

  2. Throw Down Some Rugs
    You may have beautiful hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile floors, but they won't keep your feet and tootsies warm during cold winters. Nothing is worse than stepping onto a freezing hard floor first thing in the morning or late at night. Fuzzy slippers and socks will help keep your feet warm, but throwing down some area rugs will create insulation and warmer rooms in your home. Investing in a few wool rugs or runners, shaggy, thick rugs, and fuzzy bathroom mats will keep you from jumping back into bed on a chilly morning.

  3. Close the Curtains
    If your home has shutters, shades, or blinds, you're likely feeling a little colder during winter weather. These sleek window treatments are popular in many North Canton homes for sale, but they don't provide much insulation against the cold air that sneaks through your windows. To warm up your room, consider adding floor-to-ceiling curtains that you can close over your shutters, shades, and blinds. Choose a heavier fabric and an insulated lining that will keep the cold air outside and the warm air inside during freezing winter temperatures.

  4. Pile on the Throw Blankets
    When planning and decorating for winter, throw blankets and quilts for your home are a must. Whether your design style reflects a traditional, farmhouse, mid-century modern, or contemporary interior, you can find beautiful and affordable throw blankets and quilts that will keep your thermostat lower and keep you warmer on chilly days and nights.

    • Sofas and Chairs – Draping warm blankets or throws over your sofas and chairs will create cozy, inviting spaces for guests, family conversations, watching movies and TV, reading books, and enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

    • Bedding – When winter arrives, swap out your bedding with warmer sheets, throws, blankets or quilts, and duvet covers. Changing to fleece or cotton flannel sheets, heavier woven throws and blankets, and a soft wool or velvet duvet cover will keep you much warmer while you sleep. If your bedroom stays on the chilly side, invest in an electric blanket with automatic controls and safety features.

  1. Soften Your Lighting
    During winter months, you can create a warm, relaxing atmosphere at home by simply softening your lighting. You don't need an electrician—just replace your light bulbs with soft white or warm white LED bulbs, add new linen or paper lampshades with metallic linings, hang sconces that direct light against the wall, and light some candles. All of these lighting tips create a softer, diffused light with a cozy glow.

Are you thinking about moving to Stark or Summit County? Contact us about available homes that may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


How to Get Interior Painting Right the First time

Interior Painting Tips - Homeowners - DeHOFF REALTORS®

Color is the easiest way to inject your personality into any North Canton home for sale. Interior painting can be a messy project, but there are some tricks get the job done quicker and cleaner. Explore the top interior painting tips from our real estate agents below.

  • Take Time to Pick Your Colors
    You have limitless color choices to choose from for your project. Lighter options make rooms feel spacious and airy, while bolder hues re-energize the décor. You can mix bold and lighter colors to create contrast and highlight accent pieces, art, and other accessories.

    Keep in mind that interior colors look different at various times of the day as natural and artificial lighting changes. So, prop poster boards with different colors choices against your walls to pick the right hues.

  • Buy High-Quality Painting Supplies
    High-quality roller covers and brushes offer excellent coverage, while good painter's tape is your best bet in sealing out drips and blurs. If you use cheap brushes, you will likely see bristles falling into the paint, and the result will look shoddy. High-quality paint is also vital for a smooth finish.

  • Prep Work Is Essential
    Before you paint a room, remove any obstructions that prevent you from moving around freely. For example, move large living room furniture to the center and protect them with drop cloths. Empty each room you will be painting as much as possible for an easier process.

    The next step is removing any hardware from the walls, such as curtain rods, switch plates, outlet covers, pictures, and hooks for towels. Then, thoroughly clean the walls as paint easily peels off dirty and oily surfaces. Fill in cracks and holes and sand the surface to create a smooth working area.

  • Apply Primer
    You get a blotchy finish if you paint directly over the patched sections. This occurs because the joint compound used to fill in holes on the walls absorbs the paint's moisture, resulting in a dull and flat look. Also, these spots appear significantly different from the rest of the wall.

    So, prime the wall to get a smooth finish. Most professionals tint white primer with a little gray hue or the finish paint color. Using tinted primer results in a more vibrant finish, and you will likely need fewer coats to get the desired look.

  • Combine Paint Gallons
    Disparities in color occur from one can to the next, and the difference may be apparent if you open a new container as you paint a wall. So, estimate the quantity of paint you require and pour it into a 5-gallon bucket. Then, stir the entire batch to ensure uniformity.

  • Paint the Trim, Ceiling, and Walls in Order
    Taping off the trim is easier than taping off the wall, so professionals start painting the trim and then the ceiling. Don't worry about perfection as you paint the trim, as you can cover spilled paint when you paint the walls. Also, sand the trim between coats to get a smooth texture.

    You may be tempted to cut in all the room corners before going back to roll the paint for an easier time. However, this method leads to a blotchy finish. Professionals achieve a seamless finish in
    Akron homes for sale by cutting in one wall and quickly rolling on the paint to prevent the cut-in sections from drying out.

  • Protect the Floor With Canvas Drop Cloths
    Old bed sheets and plastic drop cloths do little to prevent paint splatters from seeping into the floor. Instead, use thick canvas drop cloths as they stay in place and are sufficiently durable to last a lifetime. Clean spills with cloth rags and paper towels as soon as they occur.

Your new home is a color away from being the perfect haven. Contact us today to explore our real estate services.


Patio Plants: How to Choose the Right Ones

Choosing Patio Plants - Homeowners - DeHOFF REALTORS®

Spring is here and spending time outdoors tops the list of things to do. Some people look forward to hiking their favorite trails or picnics in the park, while others enjoy relaxing in their backyard. If you prefer the comforts of home, our real estate agents recommend sprucing up your backyard with some beautiful patio plants.

Backyard patios and decks are ideal for potted plants. In Akron homes for sale, you can change out flowering plants to extend spring blooms well into the fall season. When temperatures start to drop, replace blooms with hardy greenery that will survive winter weather. To create a beautiful patio year-round, all you need is the right plants and decorative containers.

Choosing the Right Patio Plants

When choosing patio plants, consider how much maintenance they require. Some plants require daily watering, regular trimming, and deadheading of spent flowers to encourage more blooms. Before investing in plants, make sure they are suited to your gardening needs. Some easy-care patio plants to consider include:

  • Geraniums – These cheerful annuals come in a variety of vibrant colors that will add beauty to your patio. Geraniums last all summer and into early fall, even if you forget to water them for several days.

  • Lantana – This flower can be invasive in the garden, but it's easy to contain in pots. Lantana is a hardy plant that's hard to kill. It grows well in the sun and produces blooms with pretty multicolored flowers.

  • Marigolds – A big pot of marigolds will add color to your patio. Marigolds are easy to maintain and repel insects that may get on other plants, but they require deadheading to produce new blooms.

  • Ferns – In North Canton homes for sale with shady backyards, ferns are a great choice since they thrive in the shade. You'll find a variety of ferns that range in size, texture, and color for stunning visual interest.

  • Caladiums – Another shade lover, these plants produce colorful heart-shaped leaves. As tubers, they spread nicely and are mostly carefree. They don't have showy flowers but definitely brighten up shady spots.

  • Herbs – If you have a sunny patio, herbs planted in pots will thrive. Basil, lavender, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme grow well with sun and regular watering. Enjoy wonderful smells and use the herbs in your kitchen.

  • Vines – Potato vine (jasmine nightshade) is an easy vine to grow without much maintenance. It's often used as a patio plant because it produces pretty little white or purple flowers that add soft, relaxing color to an outdoor setting.

Choosing Containers

For healthy patio plants, it's important to choose the right size containers with adequate drainage. According to garden experts, plants in pots dry out more quickly, so they need adequate water and good potting soil. Water should be checked daily, and potting soil should be good quality organic potting soil with an organic compost mixed into the soil.

When purchasing containers, make sure pots have ample room for plant growth. Consider the container's size and height on your patio so you don't block views of the backyard. Large pots are good for marking patio boundaries, delineating different patio areas, and providing privacy, but they are hard to move around. Small decorative pots with bright colors and interesting textures make good accents on patios that need a boost in design appeal, and they're very easy to move around.

If you're thinking about buying or selling a home in Stark and Summit counties, contact us for information on available properties and prices in areas of interest.


Selling in 2022: Start Getting Your Home Ready Now

Selling a Home in 2022 - DeHOFF REALTORS®

Our real estate agents know it's never too early to get your home ready for market. If your plans for 2022 include moving to a new home in the spring, now is the right time to put a plan together so that your home is ready to go when you're ready to make your move. You can take the following steps now to ensure the process isn't overwhelming later.

  • Go Easy On the Cosmetic Upgrades
    It's a seller's market, so you don't have to spend a lot of money to attract an offer. While you can still paint the walls of the main living areas and bedrooms a neutral color, you can skip the installation of pricey appliances, new windows, etc.

  • ...But Clean Thoroughly
    While you don't have to undertake any major renovations, you will want to give the home a professional cleaning. Have the carpets steam cleaned, scrub bathrooms and kitchens, clean out the garage, and make sure the windows are crystal clear. It's also a good idea to make sure the air within the home is regularly refreshed.

  • Start Packing Up Personal Items
    Before you paint, pack up any family pictures and bric-a-brac cluttering your home. This will declutter the home and help personalize it, making it easier for prospective buyers to imagine their photos and artwork on the walls. Further, declutter the closets, basement, garage, etc., by removing their contents and placing them in your new home or a self-storage facility. This has the added benefit of helping buyers get a true feel for how much storage space is in the home.

  • Keep An Active Eye On Property You Want to Purchase
    Start looking at new homes well before you are ready to list your home. If you are financially able to purchase a home you are interested in before your current home sells, do so. This will help ease some pressure and give you the flexibility to wait for the best offer.

  • Price Your Home Strategically
    The more time you spend looking at listings in the area, the better feel you will have for what your home is worth. Keep a close eye on similar North Canton homes for sale and Akron homes for sale. This will help you price your home to align with buyer expectations and current market conditions. Your real estate agent will also be invaluable in helping to set the right price for your home.

  • Limit Access
    Supply is low, and demand is high. By limiting showings and availability to view the home, you will create a sense of exclusivity to your home. Like fine wines and fancy purses, the more exclusive the home feels, the more interested buyers will be to own it.

  • Prepare For a Bidding War
    Current market activity means that you will likely receive multiple offers shortly after listing your home. Work closely with your real estate agent to map out a strategy for navigating a bidding war. Be sure to factor in price, prequalification, down payment, contingencies, concessions, etc. The more planning you put into this, the more likely you will secure the most advantageous offer.

Contact us when you are ready to prepare your home for the market. We will help guide you through the process and help you secure the best offer for your home.


How a Kitchen Island Can Be a Game Changer!

Kitchen Island - Home Improvement - DeHOFF REALTORS®

Whether you're fixing a light snack, preparing dinner for a group of friends, or simply grabbing a drink out of the fridge, your home's kitchen gets used multiple times every single day. This is why homeowners put such a heavy focus on creating the perfect balance between appearance and functionality — and that's exactly why kitchen islands are all the rage. Let's look at a few kitchen island basics and which type of island our real estate agents believe could be right for you.

Proper Kitchen Size for an Island

If you've ever seen a kitchen island in the home of a friend or while checking out North Canton homes for sale or Akron homes for sale, then you already know that they take up a good amount of room. Even a small island will be at least 2 by 4 feet, but you also need enough room for people to walk around them comfortably. As a general rule, your kitchen should be a minimum of 8 feet deep and 12 feet long, with 40 inches by 40 inches of open space.

What Type of Kitchen Island to Install

Once you install a kitchen island, your home will never be the same again. There are several different features that you can choose from depending on your specific needs, but it typically boils down to five popular types, each of which will be an amazing addition:

  • Galley Kitchen Island – While this might not be the most exciting kitchen island, its simplicity and straightforward nature have made it a big hit with homeowners. Galley kitchen islands are especially popular because, despite their smaller size, they can still accommodate bar-style seating. And as long as the island isn't too narrow, you can add items like appliances and a sink.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Island – While L-shaped kitchen islands look fantastic, they also take up a lot of kitchen space. You should only consider installing this type if you have a large kitchen and won't have to sacrifice the open space. What you'll get in exchange is a whole host of options such as bar-style seating at the smaller end, a lot more counter space, and plenty of room for a stove/oven/sink and appliances.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen Island – Okay, now it's time to discuss the big one: the U-shaped kitchen island. Many homeowners consider this the crème de la crème, but they're also quite large. These are typically reserved for homes where the space between the kitchen and dining area or living room is entirely open and empty. As for options and conveniences, think "L-shaped kitchen island" and then dial it up to an 11… or maybe even a 15.

  • Rolling Kitchen Island – If you have a small kitchen but can't stand the idea of not having a kitchen island of your very own, this might be the perfect solution. Rolling kitchen islands come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize one to your precise needs. Whenever you entertain guests or need to prepare a big meal, simply roll it out and get to work. Just keep in mind that you'll also need to store it somewhere.

  • Peninsula – Installing a peninsula is another great alternative to a full-sized kitchen island. These are attached to the outside of your counter to extend the available space. They also provide seating and additional storage, which will increase the functionality of your kitchen. 

Find Your Dream Home

Whether you're looking for a new home with the perfect kitchen island, backyard, or family room, we can help you find it. Contact us today to learn more. 


How to DIY Your Kitchen Cabinet Refresh

Kitchen Cabinet Refresh - Homeowners - DeHOFF REALTORS®

If you're looking for a way to boost your home's value, our real estate agents will advise you that you'll get the best return on investment from a fresh paint job. You can take years off the face of a kitchen by painting the cabinets. Our North Canton homes for sale are selling quickly, as are our Akron homes for sale, and fetching good prices, but with these five steps to a gorgeous kitchen, you can demand even more. 

  • Make a plan
    Consider your budget, your time, and your expertise. You will have to decide between spraying and brushing. Spraying has the advantages of more durable lacquers, faster drying times, and smoother results. Brushing means no overspray and no expensive equipment. While an air compressor and spray gun can be rented at most home improvement stores, it will still take a little practice to achieve the best results. Drying time for spray lacquers is as short as a half-hour as opposed to about 24 hours for brushed enamels.

  • Make preparations
    Consider how you are going to manage food while the kitchen is out of commission. Remove all hardware and, if you aren't replacing it, clean it thoroughly and put it aside carefully. When you remove the drawers and doors, label each one as to where it belongs. Place your designation where it will later be covered by hardware and cover it with a piece of masking tape. Mask off all surfaces that will not be painted with rosin paper or plastic, taping it down carefully. Using a strong cleaner like Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), clean all traces of kitchen grease and grime.

  • Apply primer 
    Before you begin to paint, you will need to sand the surfaces to remove old stains and paint, as well as surface nicks and scratches. When the surface is smooth, clean all the dust with a tack cloth. Pay particular attention to any corners where dust and dirt could collect. Prime the boxes and the backs of the doors and drawers. When the primer is thoroughly dry, treat the exterior. When all surfaces are dry, buff them with 220-grit sandpaper. Use a tack cloth to remove dust particles and repeat the process. Allow the second coat to dry and buff again with a 280-grit paper, wiping once again with the tack cloth. Hint: Suspending the doors from cup hooks screwed into the edge can save drying time.

  • Apply paint
    Start with the boxes and apply the first coat of paint, from top to bottom. Repeat with the drawers and doors, starting with the backs and allowing them to dry as you did in the priming step. Use a roller to paint the insides of the cabinets. After allowing the first coat to dry, lightly sand with 600-grit paper to remove brush strokes and drips. Clean with a tack cloth. Repeat the process. Allow the final coat to cure for at least 24 hours, whether you have opted for the spray or brush method.

  • Re-assemble cabinets
    If you are using the original hardware, you can make it look like new by cleaning with a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water. Scrub it with a soft toothbrush and buff it with a soft cloth to restore the finish. One at a time, remove the masking tape from the doors and install them in their proper places. Clean up the mess and let your new cabinets shine!

If you need help getting your home on the market, or are ready to find a home yourself, contact us. Our real estate professionals are here to help.


Sellers: The Two Most Important Rooms in Your Home

Remodeling Kitchen and Baths - Sellers - DeHOFF REALTORS®

Is your house soon going to be added to North Canton homes for sale listings? Our real estate agents can tell you that two of the most important rooms in your house are the kitchen and master bathroom. These are areas where you spend a great deal of time at the start and end of your day. They're also the areas where buyers often look for bells and whistles. So, upgrading your kitchen and bathroom(s) to contemporary tastes and styles is a sure-fire way to add value to your home and charm house hunters.

Kitchen Remodel

A major kitchen remodel can lead the way in commanding higher prices by some margin. In fact, you could recoup between 62 and 70 percent of your total renovation costs when you sell your home. Kitchens, however, are the most expensive rooms to renovate. You need to plan your reno and choose the upgrades that make the most sense for your wallet and goals.

  • Repaint or Replace Cabinets
    Cabinets take a lot of abuse on a daily basis, giving the kitchen a dated and ignored look. Choosing new, high-quality cabinets is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a completely new and luxurious look. If you're on a budget remodel, repainting or resurfacing the cabinets and adding in new hardware can give your cabinets a new look without the installation cost.

  • Swap Out Your Countertops
    Countertops can make or break a kitchen. The right countertop material can revive a dated kitchen and charm homebuyers. Go for a material that gives a clean and modern look, but make sure you don't go over the top.

  • Update the Lighting
    In the hardest-working room of your home, show-stopping light fixtures will draw the eye and make a good impression. Use a mix of fixtures to layer different types of light – accent, task, ambient, and mood.

  • Add in a New Kitchen Sink
    The kitchen sink is one of the most used features, so you can bet open-house goers will notice right away if it's lacking in utility or style. Choosing the right shape and material for your sink will depend on your budget and kitchen size.

  • Don't Forget the Island
    A kitchen island is the centerpiece of the open-plan entertainment. It should be modest in size and centrally located. You can add a sink or cooktop if there's enough space.

Bathroom Remodel

The master bathroom should evoke the feel and visual aesthetics of a luxurious retreat. A sparkling master bath with clean lines and finishes that require less maintenance can go a long way in tugging at buyers' heartstrings. Here are some high-value remodeling projects that can make your bathroom a more inviting place guaranteed to grab buyer attention.

  • Update the Vanity
    Most buyers are looking for vanities that have granite countertops and hit a comfortable height. You can put together the perfect vanity yourself or buy kits that have all the features you need for one price. Make sure the materials and colors you pick will have more appeal to buyers.

  • Upgrade the Flooring
    Replacing the flooring is a good way to go if you're looking for a dramatic change. You can also install radiant heat mats underneath your flooring to change the feel and utility of the space.

  • New Plumbing Fixtures
    Swap your dated towel rails, taps, showerheads, and roll holders for more modern and contemporary designs. Choosing fixtures that complement the rest of the bathroom can make a big difference in how your bathroom is perceived by buyers.

  • Enhance Space with Lighting
    New lighting fixtures can revitalize your bathroom, add character, and create the illusion of space. You can incorporate ceiling lights, bathroom vanity lights, and bathroom mirror lights to elevate your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

  • Add Luxury Details
    If your budget allows, you may want to add a few luxurious amenities to the bathroom. For instance, spa jets in the bath, heater exhaust fans, and under-floor heating will appeal to a buyer's sense of wanting to be pampered at home.

Our team at DeHoff REALTORS® can help you determine the most valuable remodeling projects for your home. Contact us today to discuss the features buyers are most interested in as they browse Akron homes for sale.


How to Make Over Your Front Yard for Spring

Front Yard Makeover - Home Sellers - DeHOFF REALTORS®

There's so much to do in spring. Inside you've got spring cleaning, but outside needs major attention as well. However, it's not that hard to make your property's front yard stand out from other North Canton homes for sale or Akron homes for sale. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can makeover your front yard.

  1. Remove or trim back dead or damaged plants.
    Your yard will look neglected if you don't deal with broken limbs, the skeletal remains of last year's perennials, or dead ornamental grasses. Be systematic. Start with the trees and shrubs. You may need to hire a tree specialist to cut down dead shrubs or trim broken limbs. Move on to the flower beds. Trim and bag up the brown twigs, weeds, leaves, and grasses.

  2. Improve the soil.
    Any substantial makeover involves improving the soil. That means improving your turf soil, as well as that in the flower beds. In our climate, it's usually best to apply pelletized compost and a slow-release organic fertilizer in the fall to encourage grass roots to reach deeper in the soil. But you can get away with doing it this spring if you didn't do it before. Also, remember to mow high: Let grass grow 2 to 3 inches to shade out weeds. Also, the higher the grass, the deeper the roots will be.

    In flower beds, add garden soil where needed, supplemented with compost and mulch.

  3. Put that design on paper.
    You may have been dreaming all winter about where to plant another tree, how to expand a flower bed, what new flowers you'd like to add to an existing bed, or what old shrubs you'd like to remove so you can spiff up the yard with new plantings. Draw out your design so you can get a better sense of how it will look. You might show the design to your garden center professional and discuss any potential problems such as too much or too little sun, how to improve problem soil issues, or what to do about a huge tree that inhibits growth and encourages bald spots in the lawn. 

  4. Add some color.
    Start planting this spring with some easy-to-grow but colorful annuals such as Dianthus and Osteospermum. Some of the best annuals to purchase from the garden store for ready-made color in North Canton and Akron gardens are begonias, cosmos, marigolds, pansies, and petunias. Petunias are also picture perfect for hanging baskets and containers—an easy way to add a dash of color to the front porch.

    For longer-lasting results, plant perennials. Ask the garden center which ones will flower in spring, summer, and fall, so you'll have a changing array of colors as the season progresses. Try daylilies; hostas; blanket flower; cannas; phlox; cosmos; and verbena for starters.

    If you're into helping butterflies and wildlife, choose perennials that will feed struggling monarchs, such as butterfly weed or milkweed. Blue mistflower is a great late summer/fall flower to feed monarchs as well.

  5. Go a little wild with outdoor decor.
    Make a pledge to do a little something new out front every year, be it painting a mailbox in a bold new color scheme, adding a decorative chair on the front porch, or installing some pavers in a low area, so it's more fun to walk through a boggy area. Add some lighting to mark the pavers for dramatic effect.

Our real estate agents have many tips that can help you sell or improve your home. Contact us today. 


Buyers Will Love These 6 Helpful Storage Solutions

Seller Storage Solutions - DeHOFF REALTORS®

Adding storage to your home isn't limited to grabbing plastic bins and stacking them in the attic or garage. Innovative storage solutions enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while cleaning out the junk drawer. Our real estate agents are familiar with some fun and nifty ways to add innovative storage options to your home.

  • Add a loft bed.
    Loft beds are great storage solutions in small bedrooms, especially for children. Kids love sleeping in a loft bed. The loft bed allows you to keep a desk or drawer under the bed for additional storage.

  • Install a variety of garage hooks.
    Plenty of North Canton homes for sale will have a garage full of opportunities to add innovative storage solutions. Garage hooks come in all shapes and sizes and can help you utilize unused vertical space. Use garage hooks to hang ladders, racks, shovels, and other large tools up and off the ground.

  • Back of door storage isn't limited to shoe cubbies.
    The interior-facing side of closet doors is a great place to add storage. You can use the tried-and-true shoe racks method to store tools, spare cable wires, and other similar items. However, shoe rack hooks frequently scratch the bottom of the door frame. Rather than using this tired storage method, you can hang a pegboard to store tools and other objects.

  • Stacked closet rods to maximize space.
    The closet is under-utilized in many homes. Closets usually come with a single rod that is set high in the closet. However, this style usually leaves a lot of space beneath blouses and shirts unused. You can add a stacked rod that has two levels of storage options to double capacity.

  • Add a Hanging garden.
    No, not like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but rather plants that you stick to the wall and watch grow. Can bring your herb garden indoors to survive Ohio winters. Stick-on-wall potted plants add a calming dimension to any room and are relatively low-maintenance. You can teach your kids about responsibility by growing an indoor garden.

  • Build a shed.
    Many Akron homes for sale have big backyards that are perfect for adding a storage shed. Storage sheds can hold yard maintenance tools and equipment. Store your weed whacker, leaf blower, rakes, and garbage bins. If you have kids, keep their outdoor toys in there as well.

  • Get rid of faux drawers.
    Many kitchens have faux drawers, usually around the sink, to accommodate the storage underneath. Make these faux drawers useful by adding a pullout mechanism and adhering to a storage bin behind it. A pullout faux drawer can store sponges, scrubbers, and other kitchen sink tools out of sight.

  • Add a skinny floor cabinet to the bathroom.
    Bathrooms are notoriously space-inefficient. The sink and toilet are rounded and oddly shaped. You can add some easy storage by putting in a skinny floor cabinet underneath the toilet paper roll. The floor cabinet can hold extra toilet paper, bathroom cleaning supplies, and other items that take up space, but you don't want to mix with your face creams and lotions.

  • Turn a platform bed drawer into a doggy bed.
    Do you have a furry friend? You can keep the doggy bed in a platform bed drawer so you can slide it out of sight when needed and pull it out for bedtime.

Storage is a balance between efficiency and aesthetics. You don't want to live in a warehouse, but you also need to keep your house under control. Contact us if you would like to learn more nifty storage solutions for your home.


5 Helpful Heating Bill Tips for Winter

Heating Bill Tips for Homeowners - DeHOFF REALTORS®

After autumn leaves have fallen and your neighbors have started pulling out the holiday decorations, it takes more than a sweater to keep warm, even inside the house. You may be striving to balance your desire for frugality with a need to keep your teeth from chattering. Heating efficiency is one aspect of home comfort that our real estate agents look out for. But there are ways to keep your home warm while keeping the heating bill low. 

  1. First Draft Pick
    Turn the heat up as high as you like, but with leaky windows and door frames, you'll be heating the outdoors as well. While older homes are more likely to have inefficient windows and leaks, new homes can spring a leak suddenly too. Use an infrared thermometer to identify cold spots, and take note of where there might be a gap to seal or caulk that might need touching up. If your home has an attic, know that even the best of the North Canton homes for sale must contend with a drafty attic on occasion.

  2. Seal the Deal
    Some forms of insulation are very DIY friendly. You can fill in small gaps with weatherstripping or with spray foam sealant. You may want a professional to install attic insulation, especially if yours is among the Akron homes for sale with an older type of insulation that needs updating. Sealing windows with heavy plastic will serve many homes well through winter storms.

  3. Mist Opportunities
    One of the ways that air conditioners keep you cool in summer is by removing moisture from the air. You feel cooler in dry air, so in winter, what you need is the reverse. Use a humidifier to keep that warmth close to your skin and prevent chapping through the winter. You can ease winter coughs with a humidifier as well, as your sinuses won't be quite so dry.

  4. Spacing Out 
    Space heaters are more efficient and safer than they've been in previous years. If you're going to spend most of your time in one room, why heat the whole house? Keep the heat low and use a space heater in the areas where you spend the most time. If your home has a fireplace, be aware that they don't quite work the same way. Much of the heat a fireplace produces goes up the chimney. They're great for toasting marshmallows, but not so good at keeping you toasty.

  5. A Switch In Time
    Have you thought to lower the heat before you leave the house — about 10 minutes after you've driven away? A programmable thermostat will help keep heating costs under control by keeping an eye on the heating level for you. You can program the heat to come on just before you hop in the shower, and lower it as you leave for work. The consistency of heating levels will keep your heating bills more manageable. 

Heating bills are a season-bound cost, but paying for heating need not be. Contact your energy company for a billing option that spreads your payments out to a single average monthly amount. This makes budgeting for heating much easier, so you won't worry about sudden cold snaps driving up heating costs. 

If you have any questions about heating efficiency or keeping your home comfortable year-round, we won't freeze you out. Contact us today. 


How to Create Functional Home Office Space Almost Anywhere

Home Office Space - Homeowners - DeHoff Realtors

Now more than ever, our homes require maximum functionality. Parents and children alike need ample space to work and learn from home. Whether you're considering buying one of our Akron homes for sale or if you're planning on staying put in your house for the long-term, our real estate agents encourage you to try these tips for creating a functional home office space almost anywhere in your home.

  • Consider Your Needs First
    Before you begin setting up your office space, you first identify your needs. The first question to ask is, who will utilize this space? An office for you alone will have different requirements than one you share with your spouse, roommate, or children. Each user should create a list of needs and a small wish list. For instance, a desk, chair, light source, and storage space for supplies are typical necessities. You may desire a window and view in your office, while your kids may want to hang a small whiteboard on the wall to use during homework.

  • Focus on Existing Spaces
    Now that you know what you need, it's time to find the appropriate space. First, you should look to existing rooms that receive little use. Guest bedrooms, basements, attics, and even four-seasons rooms may be the perfect place for you to create an office space. If these areas are not available, it's time to get creative. Could a nook or corner of a common house a small desk? Could you eliminate a piece of underused furniture, such as a second couch, and instead create a workspace? Is there a cluttered closet that can be cleaned out and repurposed as a study cube for your kids? Even a wide hallway or atrium can be a suitable place for you to accomplish your work.

  • Design to Maximize Functionality & Practicality
    As you begin to design your workspace, you want to keep practicality and functionality as your two main focuses. When it comes to functionality, you need to find a balance that is just above minimalist yet scalable for future needs. For instance, unless you know for certain that you'll fill an entire filing cabinet, purchasing one is not a practical option. However, purchasing a desk that has a few drawers provides extra storage space without taking up physical space. You can also consider a more modestly-sized desk without drawers and add shelving to your walls as you see fit if you're designing an office in a compact space such as a nook.

  • Make the Space Yours
    Finally, you'll want to spruce up the space to make it feel welcoming. Add a splash of color to the walls or décor, especially blues, greens, and yellows that stimulate the brain. If others are using the space, make sure that they add their own personal touches. Also keep in mind that the rise of virtual learning/working often requires video calls; make sure your space has an acceptable background for these digital chats.

Are you searching for a new house with dedicated office space? We can help. Contact us today to tour our North Canton homes for sale.

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